Higashi Penpal Higashi
Full Name:Kodai Higashi
Age:20 years old.
From: Japan Japan
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toshido-ob Penpal toshido-ob
Full Name:Toshiko Sasajima
Age:35 years old.
From: Japan Japan
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About:Hi, i'm creator in japan. I want to spread my works , so I want to learn english more. So, could you help my english that sound natural?
spring14 Penpal spring14
Full Name:akane hamada
Age:17 years old.
From: Japan Japan
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Sakura Penpal Sakura
Full Name:Sakura Photography
Age:31 years old.
From: Japan Japan
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Full Name:Nikta
Age:19 years old.
From: Japan Japan
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Hide Penpal Hide
Full Name:Hidenori Murata
Age:45 years old.
From: Japan Japan
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About:I am a Japanese bartender! Let me know the culture, foods and cocktails in your country!!
takafumi- Penpal takafumi-
Full Name:Takafumi_
Age:30 years old.
From: Japan Japan
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About:Actually Idk how my English is. But maybe you can figure it out by talking with me. Ah, or by reading my sentences below. A 100% Japanese, male. Birth : February 1987 Height : 180cm / 5'11 Weight : 60kg / 132lb Some friends said like I'm a patient/calm person. & sometimes my sentences in English seem to give them headaches. :/ Lol Ah..., the meaning of "patient" may be like a patient in a hospital. haha These are just information about me to you. Unfortunately I'm not good at speaking English, yet. But fortunately some people from overseas have talked with me. If I say something weird in English, you can laugh at me. & then let me know what I should say correctly, if it's not so troublesome to you. :| My English score of Toeic is only 565 points per 990 in Feb, 2014 Google says the score is similar to ... Toefl PBT:493 / Toefl CBT:167 / Toefl iBT:58 / CEFR:B1 / CECRL:B2 I’d really appreciate it if people… who are patient with my English and let me know correct grammar/sentences when they recognize my mistakes every single time ... Lol would contact to me. ‘;) Because I’d like to improve my English. Ah, if you find mistakes in my profile, please tell me. Will you please help me learn English? Maybe I can help you learn Japanese, by my crazy English tho Lol :| I may prefer talking to messaging in English, both of them are welcome tho. :) Sometimes I try to send voice messages for my pronunciation, if you don't mind. Ah, and when you find mistakes in my messages, would you please let me know the mistakes? Because I’d like to improve my English. I know kind person doesn't tell my mistakes to me sometimes. Of course I know the reason why is they are kind and don't want to make me like sad / feeling bad. … or they may just feel like troublesome. But I’d like to know correct grammar / natural sentences, if it's not troublesome for you. So I don't feel bad at all, when you tell me my mistakes. :) Actually then I will thank you so much. :)
tomo-matsuda Penpal tomo-matsuda
Full Name:tomo matsuda
Age:30 years old.
From: Japan Japan
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About:Hi !! I'm Japanes .. I like Rock & cat's . nice to meeeeet u ^^
Sveta-Ando Penpal Sveta-Ando
Full Name:Ando Svetlana
Age:26 years old.
From: Japan Japan
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Wachacha Penpal Wachacha
Full Name:Wasabi
Age:26 years old.
From: Japan Japan
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About:Hello from Japan! I'm Wasabi, working as a digital marketing consultant. Like: Cats, Photography, Films, Music, Reading, Workout! I've been to: Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Korea, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Thailand, Dubai, Hong Kong, Romania Let's be friends!!
Shun11 Penpal Shun11
Full Name:Shun
Age:22 years old.
From: Japan Japan
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hidehira Penpal hidehira
Full Name:furuya so
Age:24 years old.
From: Japan Japan
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yoko Penpal yoko
Full Name:Yoko Serizawa
Age:34 years old.
From: Japan Japan
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About:Hi friends. My name is yoko. I'm study English and Jewelry making☆ I like Art, Nature, Travel, cook, fashion, and photo...♪