joyce Penpal joyce
Full Name:joyce amrit
Age:28 years old.
From: Brazil Brazil
Joined:March 25, 2017
Last Activity:April 23, 2017
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Full Name:Uziel Almeida Oliveira
Age:40 years old.
From: Brazil Brazil
Joined:January 23, 2017
Last Activity:January 26, 2017
About:Há pouco o que explicar sobre mim. Pesquise por uzielweb no Google (este é meu apelido online). No needs to tell about me. Search for uzielweb in the Google (this is my online nickname).
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Full Name:Lalá Kawaii
Age:26 years old.
From: Brazil Brazil
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Daniel-Santista Penpal Daniel-Santista
Full Name:Daniel Fernando Cruz
Age:39 years old.
From: Brazil Brazil
Joined:November 7, 2016
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About:I´m Daniel from Brazil. I´m here to practice English, meet people and have good conversations. I love soccer and my favorite team is SANTOS FC from Brazil. Feel free to ask me everything about me and my countrie. You are welcome!
Math-Gonsales Penpal Math-Gonsales
Full Name:Matheus Henrique Gonsales Barros
Age:19 years old.
From: Brazil Brazil
Joined:November 4, 2016
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analinemr Penpal analinemr
Full Name:Ana Aline M Ramalho
Age:27 years old.
From: Brazil Brazil
Joined:October 11, 2016
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About:I need emprove my english. Can you help me ?
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Full Name:Pedro Issler
Age:25 years old.
From: Brazil Brazil
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Beste Penpal Beste
Full Name:Blue
Age:31 years old.
From: Brazil Brazil
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Adriano Penpal Adriano
Full Name:Adriano Rodrigues
Age:36 years old.
From: Brazil Brazil
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headbanger Penpal headbanger
Full Name:Aloisio Ferreira
Age:62 years old.
From: Brazil Brazil
Joined:August 22, 2016
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About:Heart and soul: rockandrollaholic, openminded, out and easygoing, good talker, better listener. Mind: i am a nuclear physicist and a marine biologist, with focus on evolution. interested in classical and nuclear physics, marine biology and evolution, tattooes, science, history, supernatural stuff , pets, rock n roll. I am a hard rock fan. AC/DC, the Answer, Guns, Nashville Pussy, Bad Company, Hendrix, Cream, Led, Dio, Purple, Motorhead, Rolling Stones and other legends from the 70´s. what else? ask me:)
rato Penpal rato
Full Name:Rato Souza
Age:34 years old.
From: Brazil Brazil
Joined:August 18, 2016
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About:Hi, please call me Rato. I am from Brazil. I love traveling, and new friendships :) My main hobbies are playing drums and swimming! I am a shy person so I try tricks and more tricks to become more social and make friends. - What are you looking for Rato? I joined this website to practice languages and make some virtual friendships. Long term virtual friendships. I am NOT here looking for romance.
Nandotess Penpal Nandotess
Full Name:Fernando Tessmann
Age:27 years old.
From: Brazil Brazil
Joined:August 14, 2016
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LoveBlckBrd Penpal LoveBlckBrd
Full Name:Nicholas Ernesto
Age:19 years old.
From: Brazil Brazil
Joined:August 5, 2016
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About:Name: Nícholas Age: 17 years old Country: Brazil Height: 1,76 cm Weight: 83 kg What I do: I'm a student willing to be astronaut; I'm a volunteer teacher in a organization for poor kids. I'm colorblind I like to meet smart people. I like to use Skype and WhatsApp. I can teach portuguese :D as if you want. I wanna be the 2nd brazilian astronaut. I would like go to Mars, Europe (Jupiter's moon) I love the Star called Betelgeuse and I want to wonder Betelgeuse's Supernova! I like to help poor people, homeless. I love to help someone. <3 I was born in a poor family but I'm rising above hate to get a scholarship in USA, I really want to work at NASA. I'm the first brazilian to be olympiad of rocket launchers champ. I love to be like a puzzle... Yes, I am a sensitive person. I'm very open-minded.
20xc Penpal 20xc
Full Name:Mar20
Age:27 years old.
From: Brazil Brazil
Joined:July 17, 2016
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Maaay21 Penpal Maaay21
Full Name:Mayara Klingner
Age:22 years old.
From: Brazil Brazil
Joined:June 11, 2016
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About:I love chocolate and go to the beach, my favorite color is red. I want to improve my english and make friends around the world. If you're nice to me I'll be nice to you :) Feel free to add me on snapchat - mayaraklingner
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Full Name:Dayane Lima
Age:23 years old.
From: Brazil Brazil
Joined:May 13, 2016
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