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Lucas Yeniddin
Published: January 8, 2020


I´m Lucas from Argentina but I´m living in Brazil, 

I need to improve "my english", so, if someone can help me, I can help you in spanish and portuguese.

sérgio santana
Published: December 18, 2019



I am Brazilian, I want to learn English and I can also help anyone who wants to learn Portuguese. I'm 39 years old and want to make new friends

Published: November 24, 2019


i am here to learn, therefore, don't perturb with spam.

i don't interested in date or relationship.

Published: October 9, 2019

Hi, I'm Raphael, how are you? I'm looking for new for learn another language, making friends and learning others cultures. I would like to have possible small easy conversations. So, if you want to talk, call me.

Published: August 15, 2019

I am Brazilian, I want to improve my English, if someone is willing to help.. we could be friends.

André de Jesus Bezerra
Published: August 1, 2019

Olá !!

Gostaria muito de fazer amizades, e aprender inglês.

Sou um pouco tímido para conversa, mais estarei disposto a fazer amizades.

Pode me add ! thanks risada

Karla Beatriz
Published: July 25, 2019

Hey! i'm here to make friends, learn new cultures and improve my english. If you don't know what to say, but you want to train your english, no problem, because i don't know either kkkkkkkkkkkkk

Published: April 23, 2019


My name is André, I´m looking for someone to help me with my english.

I would like to practice speaking skill, I have been studying english since 2013 but I have had not practice speaking because I don´t have someone to do it and I think that my english speaking skill is intermediate level and sometimes I´m not feel confident to speak.

If someone can help me I gonna be grateful


Pedro Gabriel Nogueira
Published: March 1, 2019


I just want friends to talk to and people to help me practice my english

Barbara Martins
Published: February 12, 2019

New Friends , New Language 

Hi, i'm search new friends for help me with english. 

I need practice my communication.


Alan Garcia
Published: January 29, 2019

Hey!  I want to practice my English!

Published: January 27, 2019

New Friends , New Language 

Hi, i'm search new friends for help me with english. 

I need practice my communication.


Published: January 6, 2019

my name cosme junior

i live in the brazil,rio de janeiro

i woud like learn english

make new friends

Rodrigo Vieira
Published: January 4, 2019

Hi, I´am from Brazil and I´m looking for practice my english and spanish while meeting new people.. =D

Published: December 23, 2018

Hello everyone, I’m here to practice my English. I’m Brazilian, so, I speak Portuguese, of course. And I speak Spanish too. If I can help someone on this languages, I’m glad to assist you.

Clovis Barbosa Santos
Published: December 18, 2018


I´m brazilian. I´m here to study Endlish and communicate on English

Lets's speak.

Junior C.
Published: December 5, 2018

I am Brazilian 28, from the countryside! 

So, I am here also to exchange postcards and letters, and make soooo nice friends all over the world! If you are interested let me know! ;)