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Full Name:Cyber Buddy
Age:50 years old.
Location:Parakou ,Benin
Letter Date:October 5, 2017
Full Name:Cathy Shackelford
Age:23 years old.
Location:Cotonou ,Benin
Letter Date:September 29, 2017

Cathy Shackelford penpal letter

HelloMy name can be Cathy, I am looking for a pin pal that would also like to snail but email is fine i have a dog name Daisy she is a Maltese and very friendly. I have been in a serious relationship
Full Name:Brian Much
Age:23 years old.
Location:Djougou ,Benin
Letter Date:September 23, 2017

Brian Much penpal letter

I want to make good friends from around the world. Feel free we all share.
Full Name:Bonnie Huang
Age:16 years old.
Location:Lokossa ,Benin
Letter Date:September 18, 2017

Bonnie Huang penpal letter

we wanna to further improve my english language ang im also able to teach you far east. i wanna to know more regarding the customs all over the world. do we be good friends?
Full Name:Aubrey Barber
Age:13 years old.
Location:Kandi ,Benin
Letter Date:September 15, 2017

Aubrey Barber penpal letter

Howdy! Im Aubrey, I really hope that we can make good friends on below! Im learning Lithuanian and i also love discovering other countries, be sure to show me about just where youre right from *^* So i am more than happy approach people
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