by on March 12, 2019
This section deals with the theoretical basis for analysis procedures for various transmission structure forms and types. Computer programs such as PLS-POLETM and TOWERTM are generally employed by most utilities; some utilities also have their own in-house programs for structural analysis, in addition to general purpose finite element programs. However, it is important to understand the underlying basis and limitations of these programs. The basics of analysis of various systems will be illustra...
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by on March 1, 2019
The utility industry now uses tubular steel poles as well as steel lattice towers, spun prestressed concrete poles, wood poles and composite poles. Simple suspension (tangent) and small-angle single pole structures can be quickly analyzed using spreadsheets. The advent of powerful digital computers and software such as PLS-POLETM, TOWERTM and PLS-CADDTM, now enables accurate modeling and analysis of not only individual structures of a transmission line but also the entire transmission line in a ...
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