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Tokyo is one of Japan's most populous regions with a population of 35 million. The gentle face of a shy people at that kind of city, Tokyo. This city is one of the most beautiful and livable cities I have ever seen. This is why you will see the Tokyo Travel Destinations in my spell

What are you going to see in this city? You will see Tokyo's electronic world, the giant structures of metroropol's life, where samurai cultures, famous movies, sumo wrestling, giant fish markets, and so on.

You will visit beautiful parks and temples together. You will see very few remaining pandas on Earth. You will only enjoy the delicacies you can eat in Japan. You will see more interesting cafes that you can only see in japan. Cat cafes, manga cafes, maid cafes. You will see respectable people. You will see the answer to the question of how a city should be.

And you are welcome to Tokyo, the gigantic city where many more Japanese Penpal cultures lived most prominently! I will try to explain below as much as I have seen and learned as much as I can from my hand. If you have suggestions, you can write in the comments section, and you can also comment on your opinions, likes and curiosities. You can help other people who read this article with questions. Let's start!


Give Information to your Penpal about Tokyo - What kind of place is Tokyo?


Although Tokyo is a very crowded city, there is no confusion. You can reach the city by metro. There is no chaos on the subway. Everybody goes in and out one by one. The elderly and the places reserved for the disabled are certainly not sitting.
Tokyo is a very clean city. Streets, subways, restaurants, cafes, everything is clean and well maintained.
The Japanese Penfriend wear hundreds of masks if they get sick. So other people do not get sick.
The Japanese Language Exchange are very clean, and when you go to every café and restaurant you immediately bring wet towels or wet wipes.
There is a small little localar in restaurants in Japan. Nobody bothering each other.
The Japanese Penpals are very respectful and people with güler faces. They bow down everywhere and say hello.
In Tokyo you can see cafes every corner. There are no tables and chairs in the streets like in Europe. The people around here are always gentle and very polite.
They use small plates to exchange money. Nobody receives or gives money directly from your hand.
Green tea is very popular. They did everything with green tea. There are green tea cakes, biscuits, chocolate whats your mind.

The toilets can be used everywhere, clean, free and highly technological.
There are machines on all the streets where you can get water and snacks.
They use cash, much more than a credit card. If you visit Japan, have absolutely cash dollars or euros on your side. You will need to translate and use the Japanese  Yen.
Taxis are using gloves and masks. Taxi's doors automatically open and close.
In Japan traffic flows from the left. Other than cars, people treat it accordingly. They cross the road from the pedestrian crossing or while using the metro stairs.
The use of bicycles is very common. You can see all young, old people cycling.
We were very careful not to have escalators in the metro all the time. There are a lot of metro's going up and down. Your baggage can cause problems when needed.


How many days should we stay in Tokyo  with your penpal ?

Tokyo is a very big city. In Tokyo, we were on top of the places we visited. We booked 4 days to visit this place. You can also see Mount Fuji outside the city. Then you may need 5 or 6 days.

March 24, 2017

You can find information about the city, accommodation, seasons, weather, transportation, culinary culture, currency, universities, nightlife, sightseeing, Seoul tour and holiday recommendation and videos. The capital of South Korea Seoul is a giant city where you can live Korean Penpal traditions as well as being a big and modern city.
Seoul Trip Notes For Your Penpal
The Seoul, Seoul (Seoul, Seoul) city I visited during my trip to China, North Korea and South Korea, has 12 million people and 25.6 million people. South Korea is the capital and largest city, as well as one of the economic and cultural centers of East Asia. High tech, traditions, street vendors, night life, quality education, universities, Buddhist temples, main features of the city,

penpal seoul penfriend

How to get to Seoul?
Where to go to Seoul, how to get there, air ticket prices and flight times, airline companies, direct and transit flights. Seoul airports, transportation to the city center, time and prices, taxi types and prices, visa.

You can use  Korean Air to go to Seoul, which is far to the east of Asia, or you can opt for private airline companies. Flights to Seoul generally start at 700 euros and flights last 10 hours.
You can also choose transit flights to go to Seoul. If you make a transit flight, the amount you pay for the plane ticket will be reduced, but your arrival in the city can take up to 24 hours.
There are two major airports in the city. Incheon airport is the busiest airport. From Incheon to the city center you can use the Arex train from 05:00 am to 12:00 pm. The other airport is Gimpo. This is usually the airport where transit flights are made. You can also use the AREX train to get to the city center from Gimpo.

penfriend seoul korean

Places to Visit in Seoul

Places to see in Seoul, points to see, tour recommendations, neighborhoods, palaces, parks, museums, temples, transportation, fees, Gangnam.

Seoul, Gangbuk and Gangnam.
Seoul hosts five very beautiful and important sights. I would recommend you to see these palaces in close proximity. I also suggest you to visit Olympic Park, which is organized by 1986 Asian Olympics and 1988 Seoul Olympics.
Buddhist temples are also among the places you should definitely visit while you are in South Korea Penpal. Especially the shaman temple and the Invang temple on Mount Invang are among the places visited by tourists.
Another place to be seen when you go to Seoul is Namdaemun, which is considered the most valuable national treasure of Seoul by the state and means South Gate.
The Seodaemun prison, which traces the Japanese occupation between 1910 and 1945, should also be seen. However, I do not recommend those who want to visit this prison to have little children with them, because there are torture revivals. You can visit the Seoul Tower on a hill to observe the best view of Seoul. You can walk to go to this tower, or you can take a cable car or taxi.


March 22, 2017

In Germany, it is the capital of the Bavarian province. Germany is the third largest city in the country. Location: Upper Bavarian area; It is built on high plains. Altitude from sea level: 520 meters. The main rivers of the region are the rivers Isar and Wurm. From the middle of the city, the river Isar passes.

In the city: about 1.5 million people live. However, since this population lives in a city that spans a large area, there is no overcrowding. In fact: you can see overcrowding on motorways and trains, especially on weekends, because people who work in the city center but live in nearby areas travel to their places of residence.

In this part of the population, outside the Germans: 44 thousand people, Turks are in the first place. Then Albanians, Croats, Serbs and Greeks come. There are so many Turks living in the city, believe it, you can easily walk the city without any trouble. Because, when you want to ask something, you can certainly see a Turk near you. Even: the greatest feature of this is that racism is not as prevalent as it is in many other cities of Germany. This is more of an international city view.

The economy of the city: publishing, information technology and the biotechnology sector are predominant. It is also very fun, because there are 2 very large Universities in the city. These universities have a wonderful "Erasmus" potential, which means that it is possible to see students from many parts of Europe due to the student exchange program. The entertainment parties that these students organize are the most active parts of the city.

In the city, the continental climate is dominant. As a result: the precipitation is excessive. Often, during unexpected times, heavy rain can be seen. The difference between night and day temperatures is excessive. Winter is cold. But, snow cover in the city does not last long. The hottest month: July is the month.

In Munich: a spectacular architectural beauty strikes the eye. The world famous architects have built many buildings in this city and have combined them with different architectural styles to create beautiful buildings. Especially: The "BMW" building, built in 1970, is the biggest symbol of modern architecture in the city.

In the researches made in 2010, the city, in the order of habitability, Between 162 cities, the 15th ranked. In the order of the world's most expensive cities, the 39th is in the line. In the world's oldest 100 places, the city of Munich took the 30th place. In 2011, it ranked 4th among the cities with the highest quality of life in the world. Perhaps you may be curious, in the same order, in the first 50 cities, there is no city in our country.


Eating with your Penpal

In Munich: a "white sausage" called "Weisswurst" is surely eaten by the sights. In addition, a kind of bagel called leberkas and baked sausage bread, potato salad can be eaten. You should also try this city special: "obatzda" cheese.
Other than that, you can also think of soup in the city and "Leberknödel" soup. This soup is cooked with liver and onion.
Otherwise you can taste local flavors: "Knödel", a kind of meatball made with potato or white bread, "Kraut" made with cabbage. But, remember, in the German Penpal country, pork is commonly consumed, so before you order food, you have to ask if you have pork, whether you eat it or not.
Finally, I might also suggest. Chicken meat called grilled and grilled.

Breakfast-Frühstück: The German Penpals start the day with a bigger meal than a typical European breakfast of coffee and orange. The main difference of this breakfast is the cheese served with cold meats (ham, salami and liver sausage) and bread. There is not one here but many kinds of bread. Brown, black and white bread. If you like boiled eggs, try Eier im Glas. (2 boiled eggs cooked for 4 minutes in a bowl and served as a whole). Beside them: tea, hot chocolate or coffee. In Munich, coffee is slightly more light than American coffee but harder than Italian and French coffee.

Bowls and Aperatives: Bavarians specialize in making "Leberknödlsuppe", a magnificent soup prepared with spicy dough, flour, bread crumbs, beef liver, onion, coral pavilion and garlic. In Kartoffelsuppe (potato soup), celery, leeks and wild boar are used. Other favorite sausages are made with bean sausage pieces prepared with beans or lentils.

Bavarian specialties: In the majority of Bavarian main courses, the most commonly used ingredients are: pork, veal or a mixture of both. Pork and veal are cooked in a pan or fried in a skillet until the skin is well relaxed. The pork stew, cooked with Munich specialties, is presented as whole or half. When you place an order, you are in your mind, half as big as one person. One of the most delicious fries is Spanferkel or the milk pig. Make a change and look at the taste of game animals such as deer, rabbit, partridge and pheasant in the appropriate season. The venison is usually marinated until it is soft and served with sweet grapes or blackcurrant or chestnut roe. Try the trout absolutely. This local fish is very delicious when it boils so fresh. One of the favorites is the Saute Lungerl, who goes well with white wine. (Sliced ​​lung in vinegar sauce) Whatever you order, a knödel made from your side, side or side of bread is also served. Potato saute may also be on the menu. You can also eat sweet-sour red cabbage cooked with apples, grapes and white vinegar. Cabbage pickles, juniper fruit added to a white wine, black caraway seeds and carnations are prepared. Salad varieties include cucumber salad, white cabbage salad and potato salad.

Sweets: Apart from a few regional variations in apple cakes and plum cake, the most favorite of the Bavarians are desserts (as they are in the rest of the country). Other sweeties you can eat in Bavaria: Schwarzwader Kirchorte, cherry cake made in the Black Forest Mountains and Apfelsrudel.


Shopping with your German Penpal 


First of all, you should remember that you can pay back the taxes you pay when you go out of Germany, provided you submit the necessary documents when you go out of Germany. Mehrwertsteur (short name: MwSt): as a value added tax, can be between 7 and 19%. However, invoices and receipts often include a bid. Since we are not citizens of a known European Union member state, when we buy something from the city, we can withdraw this tax on the way out of the country.
If you are thinking of shopping in the city: I suggest you go to the Kaufinger and Maximilian streets in particular. On these streets: you can see the leading products of today's fashion and the creations of famous brands.

Maximilian Strasse:
It was planned by King Ludwig and is now one of the most distinguished parts of the city. Here: the Bavarian Parliament, the Bavarian State Opera. In classic buildings: luxurious shops with international reputation.

Theatiner Strasse:
This is a luxury shopping mall in the city. Next to shopping, you can see a nice cinema and traditional cafes and restaurants on this street again. Private shops, bars and cafes, the fascinating beauty of modern art and architecture, here you can see them all.

Kaufinger Strasse:
Since the 1970s, it has become the most operational shopping district of the city. Here, rather than international brands, there are far more individual stores and cafes.

Sendlinger Straase:
The city is one of the most typical shopping areas. Here, we see frequent pubs run by families. Here you can find souvenirs, handicraft products. Even for short breaks after shopping, there are small cafes and restaurants.

It has been used as a village until recently, and has hosted many intellectuals, artists and writers. Nowadays, here are: boutiques, second hand stores, book stores and jewelery stores. In addition: there are small shops selling fruit-vegetables, spices and herbs to suit every taste.

If you prefer shopping center:

Olympia Einkaufszentrum:
It was opened during the Olympic Games in 1972 and, over time, has been expanded and developed into the city's most modern shopping center. Made of glass ceiling, very impressive. Inside: 135 fashion stores, cafes and restaurants. You can choose here for a casual shopping. Except Sundays, every day is open between 09: 30-20: 00.

Riem Arcaden:
It is the most important and popular shopping center in the eastern part of the city, with 120 stores. There are many cultural events organized here. It is 3 floors. Here you can find fashionable clothing and shoes, perfumes, jewelers, glasses. In addition: books, stationery, electronics, photographic equipment are also available. Of course, there are cafes, restaurants, ice cream parlors.

Viktualien Markt:
This is the city's food market. In this area 140-150 looms and shops: exotic fruits, flowers, poultry, games, spices, cheese, fish etc. Food items are being sold. Market place: Since May 1807, it is located in the same place. It also hosts some social events.

The old building called Schrannenhalle was restored and turned into a huge market place. At this market place: gastronomic lovers, they can find different flavors. There are also shops selling different handicraft products.

March 22, 2017

The Netherlands, full of peace and fun, resembles an encyclopedia of astonishing habits and history between the countries where the mother of nature is literally torpedoed and embraced. In our booklet "Things to see in the Netherlands", there are cities and places to visit before you travel to the Netherlands.

One of the most visited countries of western Europe, the Netherlands, the "Land of Freedoms", draws attention with its unique characteristics. While the country below the sea level reveals a visible difference, whichever way you go you will encounter windmills, bicycles more intense than cars, and colorful lilies are among the details that symbolize the Netherlands. In this country, which has a regular image even from the sky, it can enjoy both calm and fast life; You can experience different experiences by taking a short trip to the main cities of the list of places to visit in the Netherlands.


Visit with your Penpal in Amsterdam:


Amsterdam, not only in the Netherlands but also in Europe's most spectacular cities, many of us bring in the Grass Coffee and the Red Light District, but of course it is not limited to them. The Dam Square, the Madame Tussauds Museum, the New Church, the Begijnhof as a place of worship, the Rijksmuseum, a local beer factory Heineken Experience where all the goers take a photo in front of the Iamsterdam post, and so on. The Vondelpark, where you can relax after a day of sightseeing, is definitely among the points you need to see.


Visit with your Penpal in Rotterdam:


Reconstructed after the devastation of World War II, Rotterdam is worthy of its peaceful nature and examples of modern architecture, although it has lost its historical richness. One of Rotterdam's most striking architectures is the Cubic Houses, designed by architect Piet Blom at an angle of 45 degrees, the Euromast Watchtower built in 1960, the Kinderjik Windmills on the water channels and the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum where thousands of works are to be seen .


Visit with your Penpal in Eindhoven:


Eindhoven, who brings a different interpretation to the boring order of the Netherlands, stands out with its lush nature, the streets that are designed like pencil, the fact that it is a culture-art city because of the majority of its young population and its museums. The Evoluon Building, one of the interesting designs of the architect Louis Kalff with the resemblance of the flying saucer, Einthoven with remarkable points like Van Abbemuseum, Sint Catharinakerk National Monument and MU Art Space exhibiting contemporary works of art as a modern art museum; Netherlands stands out among places to visit.


Visit with your Penpal in Lahey:


The Hague, one of the Netherlands's most populous cities, draws attention with its name Den Haag, a small but cozy city. The Hague, which offers peace of mind with its boutique cafes in narrow streets and street corners, surrounded by examples of find Dutch Penpals architecture, proves the artistic texture with the Louwman Museum, the Gemeente Museum, the Mauritshuis Museum and the Panorama Mesdag Museum, which contain contemporary works of art.


March 21, 2017



Hearing his name is enough to spread romance, mystery and magical feelings into man. Yes Roman lovers and romantic city ... After you have been in Rome, you will be amazed at the things you give. The glory of the Colosseum building and the gladiator wars made in the past years will excite you, climbing up the Spanish staircase to make you feel like kings and queens in royal times, the stories of the churches and the memories that have turned into legends will attract your interest and throw your money in the love fountain and wish you a big smile You will find yourself doing the plans you and your penpal can come here.



A favorite city for shopping, Milano is a stately place where you can experience everything from shops, luxurious cafés to a glass of wine accompanied by a drink of wine, a statue of sobriety and plenty of football passion ... There is so much to discover in Milan! You try not to miss this opportunity. Did you see Milan in photo frames? Here is the Milano Cathedral, which is full of 135 pointed towers and tiny sculptures that take 500 years of construction in those photo frames.

Vittorio Emanuele Gallery It is not known how much italian penpals will be interested in visiting the cathedrals and museums, but at least as you pass through the front, take a look and look at the architecture of these magnificent structures.



A charming atmosphere with gondolas, bridges, canals, history and carnivals. With 117 water canals and 400 bridged water mazes, you can admire the beauty of the bridges that penpal pass under when visiting gondolas in Venice.

San Marco (St. Mark) Square: One of the most beautiful squares in the world, the square is famous for its doves flying around. It is called the center of Venice.

Duke's Palace: For the Venetians, this palace, which has a very high spiritual value, is considered a palace of strength and grandeur. While the courtyard of the palace gained vitality with sculpture, the interior carries traces of art.

Campanile (Campanile): Campanile is the most important tower of Venice which is filled with its towers. (Bell Tower) This tower is 99 meters high and is a unique opportunity for you to take some time from italian penpal gondola tours and look down on Venice from top to bottom.


Where penpals eat ?

Italy is one of the countries where food culture has developed a lot. Great tables, pizza eaten in Naples, Italian cheese, pastries with wines and pasta ... all excellent tastes all in one place in Italy. It would not be wrong to say that every city in this country is famous for a separate meal! You can find pizzas in every city in Italy, but the pleasure of pizza in Naples is remarkable. It is possible to find all kinds of pizzas here, if you are in pizza paradise. In the past, only margarita, tomatoes and cheese made with pizzas, all kinds of garnish were put in time to create very different flavors. The Italians take care to keep their special sauces like pizzas and pastas to taste like secrets. "Salsa di pomodoro" is simply the most famous pasta in Italy. In Naples and Rome you can taste the most delicious pasta. We recommend that you do not return without looking at the Italian wines. In particular, Barbera, Sicily, Bardolino, Barolo and Merlot wines; The care given to your presentations, the excellent tastes of the glass selections, and the pleasure of being in Italy will make you live other lives. A few minor details about Italy will be about jam and steak. Do not go back to the banks of the Arno River without enjoying the Florentine bifurcation and Italian biscuits.

Where Penpals have fun ?

Fun in Italy means carnival in Venice. Colorful costumes, masks on everyone's face, tourists from all over the world flock here to see this fun held in February.

In a cosmopolitan country like Italy, it would be quite wrong to limit the concept of entertainment with only Vienna carnival! You can spend quite a lot of fun in nightclubs, bars and discos all over Italy. But when you go out at night in Italy, it would be very good if you take a little care of your clothes! Wear something comfortable to go around in the daytime, but you will need more stylish clothes when you go out at night.


You should visit finding spanish penpal page.


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 Spain, settled in our minds with bullfighting and flamenco dances, is a peninsular country in Europe with its romantic but mysterious history. Spain, one of the poorest countries in Europe for many years, has shown economic growth in recent years. There are 17 autonomous regions in Spain. The most important of these are Basque and Catalonia.

Travel Arts with your Penpal

There is art everywhere in Spain. It is possible to encounter ancient architectural works as much as the history of the country. In addition to the influences of the Gothic architecture, the different architectural works of the famous architect Antonio Gaudi's 20th century imprint give the city of Barcelona and Spain a distinct air. The most famous work of the country, the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, is still not completed.



What will you eat with your Penpal ?

Fish and seafood dishes are famous in Spain. Among them paella is the most famous. The #calamari pan you can find in every corner of the country is an example of Mediterranean cuisine.


Spain occupies three quarters of the Iberian peninsula. Spain is a mountainous region with the second highest point of Europe. Despite being mountainous, there are 230,000 square kilometers of highlands in the country. Besides, the coastal strip, which is 3,144 km long, is usually made of white cloth. The total water area of 109 rivers in Spain is 45,000 square kilometers.


In Spain, the climate is as diverse as the geography of the country. For Spain, it can be said that all the climates in Europe and some of the #African climate are experienced. The northern part of the country takes quite a precipitation. At the same time, most of the years in these regions pass in warm weather. In the central parts of the country, hard winter and very hot summer season are experienced.



The if you find your Spanish Penpals people show their joyful, enthusiastic attitudes in their everyday lives at any moment. #Cheerful and loud talk is a sign of their laughing pleasure. If you come across festivals celebrated in joy and joy in Spain, do not miss it!

March 21, 2017

How to make waffles ? for penpal penfriend 

Waffle is one of the best dough desserts in Belgium cuisine, as you can see. Waffle served with melted chocolate or chocolate sauce, fresh fruit on it is great to eat outside but it is definitely a good idea to try it at home. The most wondrous topic of ladies is how to make waffle paste without waffle machine. You do not need a waffle machine. You can also make dough in the toaster or pan. How to make waffle how to make waffle? for penpal penfriend




How to make waffles?

The materials for waffle are as follows;

* 2 eggs

* 1 teaspoon salt (be careful not to be too much.)

* About 1.5 cups of flour

* A little milk from 1.5 cups

* 1 spoonful of sugar

* Liquid oil (up to quarter cup of water)

  • Embossed tobacco and vanilla (both packs)


After you have prepared the ingredients for the waffle;

We can go to the waffle recipe.

* First of all, we divide our two eggs into white and yellow.

We need a mixer here. We are flapping half of the vanilla pack with egg whites. We need to cry until the whites, we pay attention to this.

* Like egg whites and vanilla chops, we whip egg whites and sugar into a different bowl.

* After whipping egg yolks; We will add other ingredients into the flushed egg stream. We add milk, liquid oil, baking powder, half package vanilla, salt.

* As we continue mixing, we gradually start to add the flour on the one hand. And in the meantime we continue to stir.

* As a last step, we have added egg yolk, which we have already prepared, to your mixture. At the same time, we continue to mix slowly.

* After reaching the consistency, even if you do not have a waffle machine, you can add it to the teflon pan or toast machine in the case of kepçelik and complete the process with 4-5 minutes cooking time.

* Waffle can be served cold like ice cream, chocolate sauce, fresh fruit (especially strawberries and kiwi). You can put fruits according to the desire of home Tahina, Molasses, Coconut, Jam, Honey, Sarelle (Nutella).

Note: It's very easy to make friends, even a child 10 years old can do it. I showed you different recipes I follow you all, whichever is easier for you If you do not have a waffle machine you can do it in a toaster like me, you can do it in a teflon pan .. bon appetite penpal penfriend





March 21, 2017

 Amigo por correspondencia  #penpal #penfriend #penfriends que escriben y envían cartas regularmente entre sí a través de los servicios postales.

Por lo general se hacen entre los ciudadanos de diferentes países, donde las personas desarrollan la escritura y la lectura en lenguas extranjeras y aprender nuevas cosas sobre los estilos de vida de otros países. Además, la gente hace un nuevo amigo, un amigo tomar un corto mientras que otros siguen durante muchos años. También hay cara a cara hablando después de un tiempo.

Los colegas de la carta suelen escoger entre sí a partir de un interés común. Sólo ser de la misma edad, ser un ciudadano de sólo un país determinado puede ser la única base para elegir un colega de la carta. La gente suele escribir sus cartas en inglés al principio, que es un lenguaje común. Pero pueden cambiar según los idiomas que quieran aprender. Pueden escribir el idioma que quieren aprender o enseñar.

Con el desarrollo de la tecnología, el servicio postal ha dejado su lugar al servicio de correo electrónico. Con este método, el dinero no se gasta, se comunica de forma rápida y segura. La gente puede encontrarse a través de sitios de Internet, direcciones de correo electrónico en las revistas o en grupos de interés común.

En todos los países, se recomiendan las cartas especialmente a los estudiantes que están estudiando en la preparatoria y varias organizaciones están organizadas bajo el liderazgo de las escuelas.

En los últimos años, los presos en prisión han podido hacer amigos a través de Internet. En todo el mundo, miles de presos pueden convertirse en compañeros por medio de sitios sin fines de lucro.

En los últimos tiempos, sólo uno de mis pensamientos ha estado sacudiendo constantemente mi mano desde un rincón de mi mente. Maestro en la escuela cuando yo era un niño, un amigo de la carta.



El objetivo es asegurarnos de que nuestro idioma extranjero se desarrolle y se refuerce. Pero un trabajo que comenzó con un gran entusiasmo fue todo sobre nosotros. Porque cuando tenemos vocabulario en inglés, podemos decir "te amo". Han pasado muchos años desde que todavía tengo una carta de amistad en mí. Pero el propósito de la busefer es un poco diferente. ¿Qué es otra cosa para desarrollar la rebanada extranjera. Sólo un poco lejos del mundo virtual y puedo decir que alguien me puede ahorrar tiempo y tiempo para tweet, para compartir mi tiempo con alguien que puedo decirme a mí mismo en lugar de compartir la situación.

Cuando digo que quiero un amigo, quiero ser un amigo mío, pero todo lo que quiero no es una correspondencia penpal penfriend . No estamos haciendo lo mismo de todos modos. Pero aquí aprendemos a compartir experiencias diferentes con personas que aún no nos conocen.

Lo he mencionado antes, es posible encontrarse una carta o un amigo por correo electrónico. Incluso el trabajo de la carta es un amigo largo, pero si usted quiere algo físico, usted quisiera que fuera virtual, usted puede hacer el intercambio de la postal en los sitios. Me siento como la mayoría de ustedes piden, necesito una dirección para una carta, ¿cómo confío y me dirijo a ellos en estos sitios? Por supuesto, los sitios que voy a especificar son sitios seguros, pero nadie está haciendo investigación sobre su intención, mientras que alguien se está registrando en el sitio. Naturalmente, el incidente es completamente en su mejor interés. Por supuesto que tendré mi consejo sobre estos temas, pero eso es otra historia.


Usted tiene la oportunidad de obtener sus cartas en más de una forma. Como miembro de Penpal penfriend sitios puede ser un correo electrónico o una carta compañera, o puede unirse a grupos en facebook que tienen amigos que aman la amistad carta y están dispuestos a hacer nuevos amigos. Después de un tiempo, sus amigos están empezando a reunirse con sus amigos y llegar a conocer a mucha gente.

Como compañero de cartas en diferentes edades en muchos países, si no estás realmente interesado, te recomiendo encarecidamente que empieces con él. He visto gente escribir cartas entre sí por 11-12 años. Es una frustrante situación frustrante cuando la gente a tu lado de repente deja de escribirte después de haber compartido muchas cosas con la gente. Estoy escribiendo este trabajo 3-5 cartas. Aunque eres de un país diferente, una cultura diferente, una educación diferente, eres un ser humano, y te recomiendo que te pongas en el lugar de hacer algo en esto.

Although my email friendship does not appeal to me, it exists in people I talk to. But if you have something virtual in your work, do not say that it never lasts long. At one point, there are messages that are not sent to them. Also, there is not much excitement or entertainment in the world because there are no physical things in the middle.

Let's see each other beautiful, cute, letters in your mail box that hit your heels from happiness! The picture you see at the beginning of the page is just a part of my treasure. There is an English word for these letters that I think is a definite definition for the letter, the letters are absolutely "ADORABLE" stuff!

Of course these things are walking in English but it is also possible to meet and communicate with people who speak Turkish and who know other languages you know. In fact, depending on how much you know which language is a little bit ... I have a lot to talk about !! Hmmm, I could not figure out how much to talk about as I started to write as I always do. So I say keep your enthusiasm in the exact place and I will make this letter of friendship a shipment. : D So we will have a step-by-step guide to getting into this business. :)

A person who wants to learn a foreign language should apply with absolute certainty and a letter to be reduced to a technology that has a meaning to be found in the desire to be found in the good sense of the good news that the technology has fallen and now the technology has fallen into a web site has never become a human being in the world of emotion, Give her the shape of her heart and make her even the best friend. You can get them, and such values can never be corrupted.

March 21, 2017

Hello there! About 7 months ago, I realized that I had plenty of vacancies in Chicagoand I went into a search for a time to evaluate these times. After seeing a few bloggers I like, I became a member of and started posting postcards all over the world. As soon as I swapped on several people who were members of direct swap groups on Facebook, the mail box began to fill up soon. I have done a direct swap with about 50 people in a month. It became common to buy cards now, and the postcards began to lose their enthusiasm. After a while, postcrossing became a means of writing to foreigners rather than making a postcard collection for me.


It was no longer enough to write the restricted area of the postcard. I also announced that I was looking for instagram penpal. 6-7 people returned. I wrote a letter to 5 people that week. Despite the loss of our letters by both of those letter friends and the posters repeatedly - we are still communicating.


Writing is really nice. But many people do not even know how to send a postcard and where to send it. I explained how you would send it step by step in a separate article. The text is here!


In the first letters, we told each other ourselves. What do we do, what we like, where we live. I have a hard time writing what I love. As I wrote the blog about me, I was forced because I like to do things - photography, traveling, blogging, postcrossing, and yoga. As such, the person feels strange, do not I do anything on my own? I mean this mu? 'I said at first. Then I get used to it but I have to get new ones! Who is the favor? 

In the above photo, blue mickey papers on my left are my first letter. Hazal wrote from San Diego. I added a card because I said I had accumulated postcards. He has not forgotten to add the recipe of his favorite pastry! The letter I wrote to Hazal unfortunately disappeared, neither reached him nor returned to me. I guess I forgot to write my own address. Experience has been, then we will send registered registered. The tracking number will be at least. I will write to him again after finals!


Then my second letter came from Jessy, a bookstagram (@prettybibliophile) from Istanbul. We had our correspondence earlier, because the paper that was standing on top of the notebook in the photo had made it postcrossing from it. But the letter has taken on a whole new dimension. Jessy is very experienced in penpal. There are foreign letter mates who have been writing in many countries for many years. The letter from him was filled with an enchanted huge envelope and gifts. So I started to learn how things work. He put on the patterned note papers, the stickers and the smell of the girl on the top photo. I do not know if you've had such special package smells to put in the letters, did you know? The last letter Jessywrote is shana waiting for me at home in New York, the first thing I will do is read it!


The month we passed, I got a little nervous when the letter to Hazal did not arrive. Because while the cards on the other end of the world were communicated in 3-4 weeks - even when being delivered to Europe in a week - reaching in the country lasted for a month or more, and even disappeared! Very little information was written about the countries in the postcards. My initial aim at starting this project was already recognizing different cultures. I did not want to be content with this because the collection of postcards for me is just a bunny.


Maggie, who talked on Facebook and swapped twice, was very happy to write about his ancient Chinese beliefs on his last cards. He wrote a lot of things and it made me very happy. Then he said to me, "Why do not I get a letter from foreign countries?" I immediately informed Jessy, "I am a friend of mine!" And he found it! He asked his friends, while I was waiting for an answer from them, I found one from the Instagram, from Malaysia. One of Jessy's friends also made a comeback - he was from Malaysia - and I wrote and sent both of them. Two letters were sent in 3 weeks, even Kaitlyn even wrote the answer. I hope to come to Isparta!

Later on, two other friends of Jessyresponded, and a friend of his friend wanted to find a friend. We agreed with him. I also found a German on Facebook. I will write to him. I have not written any of your letters yet, as soon as I write my mail will be super! You will understand that I have a lot of penpals

It took much longer than I expected. How to write a letter, how to write a letter will be written later. I will update the postcrossing article and transfer it here, and there will be a post about how to make a direct swap.

'Snail mail' is much more extensive than I expected. There are very creative works about letters at Pinterest. I plan to do the envelope myself in the next letters. I already have plenty of time in summer vacation. We will experience all of you with you 

I hope you like your new blog, your new photo style and your post! Do not like my facebook page and follow the blog to be aware of the posts.

Bye now! 

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March 20, 2017

This ravishing island of emerald mountains and golden beaches sings its siren song year-round. Its main city of Castries is loaded with shopping, dining and sightseeing opps. and even a drive-in volcano, it's also got all the right stuff for the off-the-beaten-ath adventurer.

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When it comes to nature, St Lucia Penpal thrills, Swim in the blood-warm waters alongside dolphins, take out a pair of binoculars and try to spot the islan's unique species of parrot, catche sea turtles laying eggs on Grand Anse beach, or observe an iguana sunnin itself on a log. Those seeking solitude can explore the secluded villages of the interior or the quiet sandy coves of the east coast. Thrill-seekers should climb the Piton mountains, kite surf Sandy Becah, or dive magnificent coral-crusted undersea walls.


But despite its splendour, this remote island paradise is still little-visited except for the usual cruise-ship traffic and in-the-know French couples. Take advantage of what everyone else isn't doing and make 2017 year you visit St Lucia Penpal. There's no way a place this charming can stay secret for long.


Penpal Life-changing experiences in St Lucia

Glide through the treetops in the heart of the St Lucia Penpal rainforest on a zip-line tour with Rain Forest Adventure. If you're an adrenaline junkie who finds walking nature tours a bit... pedestrian, this is the activity for you. Take in the sights, sounds and smellls of the tropical forest-prehistoric-looking ferns, buzzing insects, voluptuous jungle flowers-from a bird's perspective. For the less Tarzan-spirited, there's an aerial tram tour as well.


Penpal Most Bizarre Sight in St Lucia

On pigeon Island, so-called despte the manmade causeway linking it to the rest of St Lucia Penpal, visitors will be confronted with photogenically spooky ruins worthy of a Gothic romance novel. Back in the 1550s, the island's first French settler, Jambe de Bois, used Pigeon Island as a pirate vase. Later, the British turned the island into a frt for use in warfare against the French. Today it's a historic site drpping with vines and thich with the mystery of ages past.


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