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My Gost legend

There is the famous story that hounted people in this area.For whom live in small and jungle town this gost are so frighten.

Which in our area precisely in Borneo there is still a story that is a sich things and it is true ..! .. And Kuyang itself is not actually a ghost but a manifestation of a ghostly creature from a woman who is studying black magic that aims only to get longevity And ageless but nevertheless his form is still spelled out ghost.In the daytime black prosecutor Kuyang women appear as usual but at night the woman will change shape to find placenta, blood and baby fetus in order to perfect the black magic Which they undergo when revealing the very creepy .The gost that is only the head with the body organs that decompose and fly flying for prey to the homes of residents who are known to have pregnant or new mothers.

Beginning of Kuyang Beings.
There is a story behind it, when a long time ago there lived a beautiful widow with four sisters with the name: Camariah, Dandaniah, Tambuniah and Uraniah.The beautiness of this woman's beauty increasingly more beautiful but no men are permanent to build a marriage with them . Because every time married a while will definitely divorce .when the womens  to die came 99 men who had become their husbands. The husbands cry and feel guilty for divorce and leave it. At such a sad moment there is a magical voice whisper that the woman who Will die it has a small glass and inside that  a small jar containing oil to be distributed to 99 men to be kept and as a memento, the occult voice whispered also that the oil in the urn has a property. After that 99 men carry the oil in the small jar to their respective villages and eventually scattered anywhere .until now Oil in the glass then by the population is called Kawiyang Oil, Sumbulik Oil or Kuyang Oil. And the following is a picture of kuyang oil and its usefulness And until now the oils are still there in our area:

Kuyang Oil
  Black First Oil : If this is known for the science of resistance to resisting the sharp object or shoot the enemy bullets.Its usefull owners can disappear quickly and without a trace.
   Both Oil is Yellow and this is believed to be able to make women's hearts to its knees and follow the direction of the oil owner.Usually this oil will be smeared on two palms and then in contact with the woman who is wanted.
  Third  White Oil is believed to be able to bring money quickly in the occult process some people of Borneo who have this oil use it to return their money back after the transaction. They will be greasing this oil on the money sheets before making the transaction after the process of buying and selling already happened their money Will return to them occasionally.
  The Fourth Colored Oil Red contained in it a science capable of lightening the body capable of running quickly and can summon and order the jinn to follow the orders given by the owner of the red oil.
  The last of the Green oil is even if this oil can send the science of witchcraft and  curse to other people that he wanted.
Not only that people also know Oil  green as an oil that can make the younger for who to use it.Its  work of course intersect with black magic, this oil will be applied to the owner on his own neck and then his head will be detached from the body and fly looking for victims to be sucked Blood. By sucking the blood of the victims, especially pregnant fetus or pregnant women are believed to be able to keep them young and live longer.this oil usually use by women.Users of green oil is believed to be kuyang, known as a phantom ghost who haunted only the head and organs in the body only. And every science must have  weakness so the old parents said, so also with this Kuyang they can we denied in several ways.

This magical believed that pretty womens had this.Women who are so atractive and look so amazing in every peoples eyes.Its true or false but it is there happenly in the history of jungle land in borneo.Our land famous with mistical,mysterious tribe and strange of jungle.

How To Ward off the Gost Kuyang
It is common knowledge that every black magic must have deficiency of any one with Kuyang. Borneo people know that theof onion and garlic are able to drive them then if anyone suspected to have this Kuyang science people who are aware of peeling onion skin as much as And burned all the skins.
Another story mentions kuyang also afraid of kitchen utensils such as brooms of palm pans and hot kitchen objects are said to be able to drive kuyang because kuyang afraid of these objects. The way if this people visited by those who lived bit these things to kuyang and kuyang will soon go away from you and then of course with the Holy verses of al-qur'an.

 Well this a little bit that  I can share,this time and this is just intermezo that we live in this world not only alone but we are side by side or adjacent to the creatures that are hard to see the supernatural beings. Because in the Islamic religion especially al-qur'an it is written that the supernatural .It is there, thank you for reading this article about Legend of the Gost in Borneo.

Note : We live in modern world...there is the legend story to be known but doesn't have to solved or courius about found it.Keep the legend as a story and for history to make a better world.



August 13, 2017

Welcome to Central Kalimantan (Borneo)

Sampit is the capital of Kotawaringin east District in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Sampit is one of the oldest settlements in Kotawaringin east District, the name of this city is already mentioned in Kakawin Nagarakretagamayang written in 1365 as well as in Banjar Hikayat whose last part was written in 1663. In 2001, there was ethnic riots between the Maduradengan Dayak tribe. In the riots, more than 400 people were killed and 40,000 people had to flee.
Viewed from the regional map of Central Kalimantan, the previous city of Sampit is located in the middle and this causes its position very strategic. For example, people from Buntok want to go to Java Island, it will be closer if passing through Sampit City than to Banjarmasin. So even if from Palangkaraya, Kuala Pambuang, and Kasongan. Thus, the strategic position will increase the comparative advantage of Sampit harbor owned by this region, especially to attract the economy from the regencies around east Kotawaringin .

Sampit had been an ethnic conflict.
Sampit conflict is the outbreak of ethnic riots in Indonesia, beginning in February 2001 and lasting throughout the year. This conflict began in the city of Sampit, Central Kalimantan and extends throughout the province, including the capital of Palangka Raya. This conflict occurred between indigenous Dayaks and Madurese migrants from the island of Madura. The conflict broke out on February 18, 2001 when two Madurese were attacked by a number of Dayaks. The Sampit conflict resulted in more than 500 deaths, with over 100,000 Madurese lost their homes. Many Madurese were also found beheaded by Dayaks.
The 2001 Sampit conflict was not an isolated incident, as there have been several previous incidents between Dayaks and Madurese. The last major conflict occurred between December 1996 and January 1997 resulting in 600 deaths. The first Madurese arrived in Borneo in 1930 under the transmigration program proclaimed by the Dutch colonial government and continued by the Indonesian government. In 2000, transmigrants make up 21% of Central Kalimantan's population. The Dayak tribe is not satisfied with the continuing competition from the increasingly aggressive Madurese. New laws have allowed Madurese to gain control over many of the commercial industries in the province such as timber, mining and plantations.

There are a number of stories explaining the incidents of the 2001 riots. One version claims that this was caused by the burning of a Dayak house. Rumor has it that the fire was caused by Madurese and then a group of Dayak tribesmen started burning houses in the Madurese settlement.

Professor Usop of the Dayak People's Association claimed that the Dayak massacre was done in order to defend themselves after some of their members were attacked. In addition, it was also said that a Dayak resident was tortured and killed by a group of Madurese after a gambling dispute in Kerengpangi village on December 17, 2000.

Sampit has a history that is closely related to the history of East Kotawaringin associated with the government of Majapahit and the entry of Islam to Kalimantan, where at that time the area of ​​Central Kalimantan is being controlled by the Kingdom of Demak. If visiting Sampit stop at the Mentaya Shopping Center, one of the largest shopping malls in Sampit. This place is located on the banks of the river Mentaya. You can buy a variety of hands there. Sampit typical food one of them is wadi, that is food made from cork fish, catfish and others. There are also elephant eye eggs. For fans of chili sauce, do not miss the typical chili sauce, which is sambal tempoyak / sambal durian. In addition there are also foods called Juhu Banana Umbut, Juhu Umbut Palm and many more.

   Here I want to write some interesting places for friends who like adventures.Maybe can be a reference new adventure destination for those who have never been to Indonesia.Especially about Borneo.This is about interesting places that you can find in central kalimantan or Sampit.


Betang Tumbang Gagu house
At Dist gagu no. 01 | Kecamatan Antang Kalang, Sampit, Indonesia
This is one of the cultural heritage, ancient custom house located in East Kotawaringin, Central Kalimantan.

In general the home of betang is, the original home of the Dayak community. While the betang house that is in Tumbang Gagu area, is a traditional house of Dayak people of Central Kalimantan.

Sampit City Park is a public park in Sampit, the capital of city east Kotawaringin  district, Central Kalimantan. This park was inaugurated by the regent of Kotawaringin Timur Supian Hadi on 21 February 2015. The area of ​​this park was formerly a football field.
Garden City is a green open space that became a favorite place for people to relax and exercise.

Mentaya River in Sampit City is currently being developed tourism by the Local Government that is built city icon in the form of Jelawat Statue which was inaugurated on 21 February 2014 by H. Supian Hadi who was then Regent of East Kotawaringin.

The existing tourist attraction alongside the Mentaya River is similar to the iconic lion statue in Singapore with its mouth spraying water toward the river.
 Every day this tourist spot is very crowded visited by the community, it is a beautiful place let alone can see the beauty of the river mentaya. There is a reason why the city icon in the form of Jelawat Fish Statue, Pemda is developing a cultivation of jelly fish and this is in line with the crowded tourist attractions and the development of cultivation of jelly fish is also successful and growing in line with expectations.
If to Central Kalimantan do not miss the beauty of Jelawat Statue. Especially on the eve of new year's eve of the new year, this place is very much in demand by the community so as to make roads jammed and carried out traffic engineering by the police.
Amazing this tour does not know the time unless the rainy season quiet but if the rain stopped the community back to this location.

In 2005 the natural attractions of the lake snow lake is just a fishing place. Visitors want to enjoy the cool air and fishing activities.

The beautiful scenery, the phenomenon of clean water and clean white sand is very attractive to anyone who likes nature and beauty.

White Sand Beach with Tree Barrels

One of the mainstay attractions of Waringin East City. The beach is famous for its white sand, fenced with coconout tree waving along the coast and the wealth of this marine biota stretches dozens of kilometers from East Waringin City to the border of Seruyan Regency. Ujung Pandaran beach is a sloping beach. Ujung Pandarant beach is located in Ujung Pandaran Village,  Sampit bay Sub-district, city east Waringin District, Central Kalimantan Province. Distance of Ujung Pandaran Beach from Sampit City which is about 80 km south.

Ujung Pandaran Beach is directly adjacent to the Java Sea. Location Ujung Pandaran Beach is far from the hustle and bustle of the city is an interesting place for you to take time off from the daily routine. Beach Ujung Pandaran white sand, the grains of sand is also very smooth. Rows of palm trees that when seen from a distance as if fencing this beach, the waves are quite large, and the wealth of marine biota typical of this beach. Especially for marine biota, in end Pandaran beach,there are so many jellyfish, stingrays, various species of small fish that live on coral reefs, and others.

Around the beach found many large wood scattered. The woods are woods carried by large waves to the beach. Residents around the coast mostly work as fishermen. You can observe fishing activities that are fishing by boat. There are also many residents who make salted fish, so no wonder if the smell of salty fish smells welcome you when you visit there.

Ujung Pandaran Beach area you can see also the customs of Seah sea custom by local fishermen community from generation to generation. Seah sea is a rejection ritual performed by Ujung Pandaran fishermen before embarking on a sea voyage to fish. This annual ritual is performed every 10th of the month of Shawwal, or ten days after Idul Fitri. The fishermen will work together to clean the beach before the ritual begins, then the various offerings will be Spread to the middle of the sea. They believe that this ritual will bring safety and abundance of livelihood during the sea.

School Holidays, Kubu Beach Most in demand
School holidays like this are often used for refreshing in tourist attractions. One of the favorite places for the people of Pangkalan Bun is Kubu Beach. Even the beach located in Kumai District is always crowded on weekends.

People crowded Kubu Beach with the family to swim on the beach and enjoy the sea cuisine served at the stall lined the beach. Moment of the holidays as it is already a tradition for Pangkalan Bun community to relax.

Tanjung Keluang beach area of ​​200 Ha is located at the end of Kubu Beach, formed from a clean stretch of white sand with calm sea, ideal for swimming and sunbathing while enjoying the special beach charm. This beach directly overlooking the Java Sea, can be reached by boat crossing (kelotok wisata) within 30 minutes from Kubu Beach.

National Parks, Nature & Wildlife Areas

Nature & Wildlife Areas

 When to Tanjung Puting National Park, do not forget to stop by to stay and adventure in camp leakey. Curious what Camp Leakey is and how about orangutans and the circumstances in that location.

Departure from Kumai port using speed boat down the beauty of the river sekonyer until noon arrival at Camp Leakey. Cool ... this seems like a favorite spot for local and interlocal tourists. A few yards from the harbor was greeted pleasantly by a benign orangutan and our guides understood enough and gave guests a chance to interact with the orangutan.

Proceed to the orang utan museum complete with leakey camp history, orang utan memorabilia and others. After which continue trekking to where feeding with a familiar path. In place of my feeding and guests still had time to witness the activity of feeding orang utan.some visitors consisting of foreign tourists participate taking photographs at the location.And guide to inform, knowledge over to the National Park Tanjung nipple including camp Leakey. when the afternoon on the way back, we can see a lot of proboscis monkey on the outskirts of the River, tourist Tanjung putting National is rides attractions ecotourism and the way we know orangutan kalimantan.great ...

 Perhaps our land and island is still very minimal from the hands of experts, but the place on our island is still very natural.
Perhaps the ground and Island we still very minimal of touch hand experts, but place on the Island we still very naturaly.Adventure in nature Virgin is so inhabit the island is so fascinated, you may adventurers will Also very captivated






August 10, 2017

Penpal From Bali


Who does not know Bali? It is difficult to choose what the most interesting tourist attractions in Bali, because almost all over Bali is an incredible tourist spot. Bali has many beautiful natural beauty ranging from the rows of beaches, the atmosphere of the mountains to mock sacred. Of the many interesting sights, the most popular in the ears of tourists are of course Kuta Beach, Legian Beach, Seminyak Beach, Tanah Lot Temple and the rural atmosphere of Ubud.Bali, certainly can not be separated from the beach. Bali has a lot of crowded beaches to tourists, like Kuta Beach, Pandawa Beach, and many other beaches. Visiting Bali but want to get a quieter beach atmosphere? The Green Bowl beach is the answer.

Location and Access


Green Bowl 2

Formerly this beach is better known by the name of Bali Cliff Beach, because on the cliffs of this beach there is Hotel Bali Cliff. In addition, many also call this beach with the name Hidden Beach Ungasan, because the location is hidden or not yet known by tourists who visit Bali.

But today he is better known as the Green Bowl Beach. Green Bowl means green bowl in Indonesian. This is because when the water recedes, you can see the coral-covered coral moss on this beach that shaped like a green bowl. There is also a saying that the name of the Green Bowl obtained from the name of PT Green Bowl company that will build a hotel.

Green Bowl 3

 Green Bowl beach is a great place for those who crave quiet vacation. The location is quite remote, making this beach is not much visited by people, so much quieter than the other beaches in Bali.

Kuta Beach


Kuta Beach is Bali's most famous and most visited tourist destination because of its close proximity to the airport, its beautiful beaches, low cost, and its waves suitable for beginner surfers. Kuta Beach is also famous for its beautiful sunset sunset. The unique fact of Kuta Beach is before Kuta Beach becomes a tourist destination in Bali that must be visited as it is today, Kuta Beach is a big port, trade center in Bali. With its white sand and blue sea, equipped with very complete supporting facilities, Kuta Beach is the prima donna of Bali tourism.

bali-language exchange-letspal

Temple /Pure Tanah Lot
Pure /temple Tanah Lot is one of the tourist attractions in Bali which is famous for its beauty, especially at sunset. Tanah Lot Temple consisting of 2 temples is a temple to worship the god of the sea. The uniqueness of Pura Tanah Lot is the temple is located on a large rock on the edge of the sea. At the time of sea tide, you can not get closer to Pura Tanah Lot because around the rocks of Pura Tanah Lot buffer will be flooded by sea water. At low tide you can see some tame sea snakes which according to locals are keepers of Pura Tanah Lot. In addition, in this location you can also hold a sacred serpent that is benign and harmless.

Pura Besakih/ Besakih Temple

Pura Besakih is a temple located at the foot of Mount Agung, and is the largest temple in Bali. In Pura Besakih often held a Hindu religious event because Pura Besakih is believed to be a holy place and is the mother of all temples in Bali. Besakih Temple is built with the concept of equilibrium of God, man, and nature or often referred to as Tri Hita Karana. To enter the Pura Besakih area, you have to use a sarong that can be borrowed around the location of Pura Besakih.

Pure/Temple Uluwatu

Pura Uluwatu is one of the tourist attractions in Bali which is on a cliff that juts into the sea. Uluwatu Temple not only offers a distinctive Balinese religious atmosphere, but also offers the beauty of its panorama, especially the beauty of its already well-known sunset. In Pura Uluwatu you will meet a number of monkeys that are believed to function to maintain the sanctity of Uluwatu Temple. To enter Uluwatu Temple area, you must use sarong and scarf which is a symbol

Padang Beach

 Padang Beach may be less well known when compared to Kuta Beach, but Padang Padang Beach is a very beautiful and unique beach. By the time I first came to Padang Padang Beach I also thought that this beach is an unattractive beach because it is less well known, but I was wrong. Padang Padang Beach is a small beach hidden behind a cliff in the area of ​​Pecatu, near Uluwatu. To reach Padang Padang Beach, you have to pass a ladder that cleaves the cliff. Padang Padang Beach is not big and wide, but very beautiful and interesting to visit. Most visitors of Padang Padang Beach are foreign tourists because Padang Padang Beach is less well known among the tourists in the country.

Lake Beratan Bedugul

Beratan Lake Bedugul is a lake located in a mountainous area with a beautiful natural atmosphere. The uniqueness of Lake Beratan Bedugul is the existence of a temple called Pura Ulun Danu. Ulun Danu temple is located on the edge of Lake Beratan Bedugul and is one of the main attractions of Lake Beratan Bedugul. In addition, tourists can also enjoy water games and rent a boat at Lake Beratan Bedugul.

Monkey Forest


Monkey Forest is a tourist spot in Bali that will bring you to blend with nature. Located in Ubud, Bali, Monkey Forest is a forest inhabited by many wild apes. These monkeys are considered sacred by the local people so they should not be disturbed and allowed to live in the forest. Monkeys in Monkey Forest love food, they will try to get the food you bring, even if the food is in your bag. In this place you will witness the life of hundreds of unique and interesting monkeys.

 Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa

 Tanjung Benoa which borders Nusa Dua, Bali is the center of the sport and water game in Bali. The characteristic of Tanjung Benoa Beach is very calm, so it is suitable for various types of exciting water games. The types of water games you can play here are snorkel, sea walker, banana boat, parasailing, wakeboard, waterski, jetski, scuba diving, donut boat, flying fish, and others. In addition you can also go see the giant sea turtle on the island of turtles by boat from Tanjung Benoa.

Lake Batur Kintamani

Lake Batur Kintamani

Lake Batur Kintamani is one of Bali's natural charms. Located on Bali's 2nd highest mountain, Lake Batur Kintamani has a cool air and a breathtaking view. Lake Batur Kintamani is the largest lake in Bali that many tourists visit because it offers a view that is second to none in Bali.

Enjoy Kecak uluwatu dance

Kecak Uluwatu Dance

Kecak Dance is the most famous and most interesting Balinese dance to see. Of the many places that show the attraction of kecak, I think the most interesting is the Kecak Uluwatu Dance which is in Pura Uluwatu. Kecak Uluwatu Dance performs Balinese kecak dance with a backdrop of sunset in Uluwatu which is very beautiful. Kecak Uluwatu Dance is very popular and crowded therefore if you want to watch Kecak Uluwatu Dance performance, I suggest to message from afar day.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana or commonly abbreviated GWK is a cultural tourism park located in South Bali. Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a huge sculpture by I Nyoman Nuarta. Currently, the statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana has not been fully completed, only part of it has been completed, but even so you can still enjoy the splendor of Garuda Wisnu Kencana. In addition to the statue, you can also see the beauty of limestone hills are cut into large lime beams. These lime beams will be filled with sculptures. In addition to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana area there is also an art theater, you can enjoy various types of dance and artistry of Bali in this theater every day.

Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach may not be too often heard among tourists. Lovina Beach is one of the most favorite places in Bali that I like because in Lovina Beach we can see dolphins swimming and jumping in their natural habitat. Located in North Bali close to Singaraja City, you will go to the sea and see the dolphins by using a fishing boat. Lovina Beach Dolphins play by the beach in the morning, therefore tourists usually depart from the beach starting at 6 am.

So..its a few information of nice place in Bali..there is more place and amazing adventure you can enjoy too...traditional food,traditional spa and more experience and amazing trip you can do in bali.





August 9, 2017
  • Just need to tell this...I need attention carefully from all friends here...
    Once upon the time...

    One day a King was rewarded 2 eagles.

    Then he thought, it would be great if the eagle was trained to fly high.

    It would be more beautiful. He called the famous bird trainer in his country to train these 2 eagles.

    After a few months, the bird trainer reports:

    An eagle has been flying high & flying in the sky.But the other one did not move from the tree.

    The king summoned all the veterinarians to examine his favorite eagle but no one had managed to heal & made this eagle fly.
    Various attempts have been made, but the eagle does not move from its branches.
    Then he met a farmer who was very familiar with the nature of the eagle & the King asked for the farmer's help.The next day when the king visited this eagle, he was surprised to see this eagle was already flying high.Curiously the King asked the farmer what he was doing.
    The farmer replied:
    "I just cut the branches of the tree that had been holding him always".
    That branch is what keeps it so COMFORTABLE so it is make him lazy to fly.

    We are born as WINNERS,
    We are destined to fly high, however, some are holding too tightly

    * Is: FEAR *

    No one wants to let go of that fear & not move from his position. Or sometimes we are too holding the comfort zone, to the fear,afraid & do not want to release it.

    - Fear too tired
    -Really rejected
    - Fear of hard work
    - Fear of trying
    -Really loss
    -Probably complicated
    - Fear not developing
    - Fear of failure
    - Fear of moving
    - Fear of trouble
    -Really scared
    - Fear not
    - Fear of investment
    - Fear of prospects
    - Fear of follow-up
    -Really sharing
    - Fear of learning
    - Fear of self-development
    - Fear ........ etc

    And all kinds of fears we have each.

    _ * Release all that fear, release that comfort zone, recognize yourself & grow your strength & trust *

    * Then YOU FLY HIGH *

    Know Yourself & Your Potential because our Destiny is a Winner!
    Dare to dream
    Dare to move
    Dare to fight it out
    Until finally you successfully fly high


    * And when there is "Explise"
    Go with Old Friends

    *Gather together*
    Not just "eat"

    But remember, our Life's Shorter

    Next time"We Can not Meet again"

    Next time"We will  getting harder to walk"

    Spending Some Time With " Friends " Or"Companions "
    Will Make Life More " Healthy "In Mentally" And "Physical "

    * Age is like Ice cub * Use or Not Used still melt
    Likewise with * Age *
    * Used or Not Used with wise,Our Age will Stay Dropped! *
    So we can do things to Do Every Day: *

    * The smile* and * Laughing*
    * Water Flowing Unbreakable Direction_ *

    That's Our Life, * Can not Be turned back young again! *

    * Live this Life with ease *
    * Do not be so selfish*
    * Do not harm the peoples*
    * Do not like to Complain *
    * Do not reproach *
    * Live with goodness and happiness *

    * Expand time to pray, get together with Family and Friends *as long as you still have time**

August 9, 2017

Aphrodisiac Foods for Better Sex - penpal



Vitamin E in the badminton is very important for healthy sperm. Almond oil triggers the hormones secreted during sex naturally.




Men are recommending 15-20 pumpkin seeds every day. A study in the Netherlands revealed that the zucchini kernel, which is rich in folic acid and zinc content, increased sexual productivity.




Watermelon acts like Viagra. Sitrulin and arginine are the most effective substances in the production of nitric oxide, which causes blood vessels to loose.

water melon penpal



Fruit and vegetables contain a substance that gives bitter taste. This substance causes endorphin production in the brain. It stimulates you, excites you, and activates your sexual desires.

chilli paper -penpal



Pomegranate and pomegranate juice are the most powerful natural combatants in the destruction of pests that block blood circulation. This means that you can solve erection problems directly.




Shrimp keeps all the ingredients you need during sex. Magnesium and calcium for muscle movement, antioxidants and selenium for regulating the number of sexual impulses and sperm ...




Is there anyone who does not believe in the efficacy of authentic alternative therapy? In the past, Iranian new wives were drinking honey liqueur every day for several months after the wedding. For this reason pure vitamin B and fructose! These substances double the energy and delay the feeling of fatigue.



Oysters are very rich in zinc, and this excellent feature triggers sexual pimples. Almost every seafood has the same effect, but oyster has a distinctive reputation.





 Especially mussels and oysters contain zinc, copper and other mineral-vitamins, which can be beneficial for sexual health.





 Not only can it help you get in the mood , the resveratol in red wine is a powerful antioxidant which again helps decrase imflammation and helps quite literally get your blood pumping




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July 18, 2017

#penpal #letspal lovers Where to Go  : SPAIN 


#Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, is located in the Iberian Peninsula in the south west of Europe. Spain is a colorful European country with flamenco fire, unrivaled football, exquisite cuisine and unique culture as well as stunning beaches, historic texture and lively nightlife, along the coast to the Mediterranean Sea in the south and the east and the Atlantic Ocean in the north.

Spain is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean countries in Europe, as well as the most UNESCO cultural heritage in the world after Italy. Barcelona, ​​the most elegant city in the country, is playing your heart with city life and night life, where you will admire La Sagrada Famiglia and Parc Güell, works of genius Gaudi. Rioja and Bilbao, which host the world's best wines, are the gastronomic enthusiasts. Museo del Prado, Madrid's proud art museum is as beautiful as you will be able to discover with the Centro de Arte Riena Sofia and the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. The southern coast of Spain is a unique Mediterranean city with the flavor of Granada and Sevilla culture and iodine.


After the Phoenicians, the first settlers in Spain, the Celtics and the Greeks became homeless. The Roman Empire, which put an end to the dominance of the Cartocans, left the dominion of the country to the Seniors, Suevler, Vandals and Visigoths as of the 5th century AD. In 711 the Muslims of Africa founded the Andalusian civilization, and in 1492 the last of the Muslims became Christian again with the collapse of the Kingdom of Granada. After this date, thanks to Christopher Columbus who supported the Spanish rulers, Spain, one of the largest colonial empires of the world, lost Portugal in 1640 and some lands in Europe and Gibraltar in 1714.

In the 19th century, Spain, which gained independence from all the colonies in the Americas, was occupied by France in the First World War. Spain has 17 autonomous regions and 2 autonomous cities that have not participated in the Second World War. Spain, which has the world's eighth largest economy, is the third most visited country in the world, along with the People's Republic of China, after France and the United States.

Where to go in Spain

Spain, an exciting country with all the different characteristics of each region, is a destination that must be seen with its cultural diversity, beautiful Mediterranean climate, fine food and daily life close to us. Under each stone you will feel the historical texture and y ou will have fun on every beach, a beautiful country where hospitable people live.





Barcelona, the sixth largest metropolis of the European Union, is a beautiful city with its Mediterranean climate, the aesthetics of Gaudi, the freedom of the blue sea and the pace of innovation. La Sagrada Familia, the Gaudi design Parc Guell, the UNESCO World Heritage sites Palau de la Música Catalana, La Boqueria, the Picasso Museum and the Fundació Joan Miró are the must-see addresses.




Madrid is the capital of Spain and the home to the most important museums of Europe. Madrid's magazines, centuries-old buildings, street and fine dining tastes, where everyone looking for art, culture, history, gourmet, recreation, nature and sports finds their own, entertainment life, parks and footballs as well as basketball A city that seduces with its teams.

Prado Museum, Lazaro Galdiano Museum, Thysseen Bornemisza Museum, Madrid Royal Palace, National Library, Buen Retiro Park and Mayor Square are some of the places that must be seen in the capital of Spain.







Valencia, İspanya’nın enerjisi hiç yavaşlamayan, renkli, hareketli, tarihi ve aynı zamanda çağdaş kenti. Sahil şeridi, tarihi dokuları ve kendine özgü hareketli atmosferiyle ziyaretçilerini mutluluk rüzgârına sürükleyen Valencia, Mercado Central de ValenciaArt-Nouveau ve Arap füzyon mimarisiyle, Romanesk, Gotik ve Barok izleriyle Valencia İspanya’nın son yıllarda parlayan şehri.

Butikleri, galerileri, kafe, bar ve restoranları ile keyifli bir rota olan Barrio del Carmenkentin cıvıl cıvıl günlük yaşamına karışmanızı sağlarken, şehrin kuzey kapısı olan Torres de Serranos ve manzarası, San Nicolás Kilisesi, eski Orta Çağ köprüleri sizi büyülüyor. Plaza del MercadoPlaza del Cordillo ve fıskiye havuzu, ipek borsası Lonja de la SedaIglesia Catedral-Basílica Metropolitana de la Valencia ise kentin mutlaka görülmesi gereken adreslerinden.







Sevilla's must-see places are the Museum of Fine Arts with the most important collection of paintings in Spain, the Santa Ana Church of the 13th Century, the Giralda Minaresi, the Seville Cathedral from the 15th century, the Alcazar Palace, the Torre del Oro Observation Tower and the Cathedral Maria Luisa Park There are more addresses that need to be discovered.







Ibiza or Eivissa is the third of the Balearian islands of Mallorca, Minerva, Cabrera and Formentera in the Mediterranean of Spain. Ibiza, the center of Europe with world famous nightclubs and entertainment world, is a very popular destination. The name "Freedom Islands" is also a frequent destination of famous names in the world. In the Middle Ages, there are three areas that must be seen, including Sant Antoni de Portmany, Santa Eularia des Riu and Ibiza Old Town (Eivissa), all of which are controlled by Muslims for an important period. If your time is not limited, you can cross the Formentera Island with the catamarans from Ibiza's old harbor.

Cafe Del Mar, one of the most beautiful sunset views in the world, and Santa Eularia des Riu is a charming town with a white beach and a long sandy beach. In the Old Town area, D'alt Villa, Portal de Ses Taules, Church of Santo Domingo, Puget Museum, Sant Ciriac Chapel, Guillem de Montgri, Casa de la Curia and Madina Yabisa are absolutely must-see. Platja de Ses Salines are the most famous night clubs of the island with beautiful beaches like Space, Pacha, Privilege, Amnesia, Eden and Es Paradis.


What to eat and drink in Spain




Spain is one of the richest countries in Europe for eating and drinking. The Spanish cuisine reflects the fusion of different cultures for centuries in the country, which is an important transit route between Europe and Africa. In a Mediterranean country, Spain, today's Spanish cuisine reflects a rich culinary culture that has emerged as a result of wars, discoveries and migrations throughout the country's geographical location, rich history and ages.

Spaniards, who love to eat, often eat only occasionally, to best reflect the Mediterranean style of eating. They start the day with a light breakfast, which they do early in the morning, then a second breakfast and then tapas at noon. Lunch, afternoon snacks, and then tapas, they finish the day with plenty of conversational long dinners until late at night. Various seafood and fish are consumed in the coast. Small pies made with meat and fish in Galicia region; Famous bean meals called fabada in the Andalusian region; Fish soup and various fish dishes in the Basque region; The fish and meat dishes prepared with the fruit in the Catalan region are among the different flavors that enrich the Spanish cuisine. When it comes to Spanish cuisine, paella, which first comes to mind all over the world, has spread to all the countries of Valencia. Paella; An extremely tasty rice dish cooked with chicken, fish and seafood. Gazpacho, the traditional soup, is the soup most commonly consumed by the Spaniards.

Andalusian specialties vary in different sections, but classical Spanish drinks are a must for sandwiches in the afternoon with sherry and tapas as an aperitif in the evenings. On the other hand, Jerez de la Frontcra, located in the south of Andalusia, is the homeland of the sherry.


Where to stay in Spain


Spain is a country that offers a wealth of options in terms of accommodation. There are many alternatives from boutique hotels to luxurious hotels, from hostels to campsites, in the country that has an alternate appeal for every budget. Keep in mind that there are many options, from luxurious residences to mid-budget hotels, hostels to rented apartments, both in the town center and far away from the city.

If you are planning to stay in Barcelona, ​​you can book a hotel in areas like Barri Gothic, El Raval, L'Eixample, because they are all close to places to see in Barcelona. Las Ramblas, which retains its excitement 24 hours a day, may be a good experience for those who want to stay in the heart of the city, although it seems to be no good alternative to accommodation for being noisy. On the other hand, it is also beneficial if your hotel is close to the subway line.

The possibilities are endless for anyone in Madrid who is looking for a place close to historical and touristic places, who wants to listen in a calm environment, who thinks about the budget, or who wants to enjoy the taste of the capital with all the comfort. If you want to experience an accommodation that will not be forgotten in terms of service quality and comfort in Madrid, you can choose the five star hotels in Paseo del Prado, Salamanca, Paseo de la Castellana and Plaza de Santa Ana. If you have a moderate budget you can find quality service and comfort at the Gran Vía, Plaza de España, Plaza de Oriente, Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor.

Madrid hostels provide good service on a low budget. You will most certainly find what you are looking for in the Atocha, Plaza de Santa Cruz, Calle Plaza de San Miguel, Puerta del Sol and Plaza del Ángel and Cruz, Esparteros, Carretas, San Jerónimo and Las Fuentes.

If you will come to Granada, the Centro district, the center of the Old Town, is the most enjoyable place to stay in the Kette which is divided into eight regions. Villa Oniria, Parador De Granada, Hotel El Lodge, Hospes Palacio De Los Patos and Barceló La Bobadilla, Casa Morisca, Granada.

Malaga's Old Town region offers quite good options for accommodation. Many of the places to see and see the city are in this region. At the same time they are walking distance to each other. On the other hand you can also choose the harbor area which is quite impressive with its beauty.

Accommodation options in Mallorca are of course unlimited. On the seafront, you can gaze at the unique view of the Mediterranean or stay in the city. Son Bunyola Villas, S'Hotelet de Santanyi, Portixol Hotel and Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa are just some of the island's finest accommodation options.


Night Life in IBIZA




Undoubtedly, what makes Ibiza a worldwide brand is undoubtedly crazy parties, which start in April and last until the end of September.

Entrance fees to the venues vary between € 30 / € 60, the first drink you will receive is in this entrance fee. 

There are no waiters in the entertainment venues. You have to go in and out of the bus (except the VIP section). 

Drink prices are often cheaper in entertainment venues, you can pay by credit card. You can only enter one at any locale. 

Ibiza clubs have no place to live except for the VIP section. There is a paid VIP table application, the price varies according to the type of activity. I would advise you to reserve a VIP table in advance by email. They will tell you the number you will pay with the confirmation you received.


A guide advice; Do not go to Ibiza with your partner or your fiancé, if you go, you will either take the engagement there or decide to divorce


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June 7, 2017

Nice smell is at the key points of influencing a woman or penpal lover man . Why? Because odor memory is one of the most advanced memories and if you have affected your liking with your smell, no one have no chance to forget you. If you have not found perfume that fits your character the most and reflects what you really think, take a look at the 10 most popular penfriend man’s perfumes.

Remember, it is very important to squeeze perfume to the right place for the permanence of the perfume. The moist and hot places of the body, such as the places of pulse, the neck, the wrists, the back of the ears and the knees, are the best places to support the persistence of the fragrance.


which one is your favorite ?


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6- Dolce Gabbana – The One EDT



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  1. 10- Versace Dylan blue




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Freelance Jobs Opportunities to Earn Money from Home or coffee shop for #penpal #letspal lovers #language exchange #penfriend #snail mail

  1. 5. Mobile App Development



Job Description: App development is very hot especially for mobile platforms like Apple and Windows. You need to develop Apps as a freelancer for your clients.

Skills You Need: Off course! Passion for app development! You must have developed apps for a particular platform like Apple iOS or MS Windows.[ language exchange ]

Monthly Income : 2.000$ - 5.000$

  1. 6. Search Engine Optimization or SEO, SEM

Job Description: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is also a popular freelancing job that can be done from home. You need to pull a website and rank high on Google. SEM or search engine marketing is same thing.

Skills You Need: You must know everything about SEO like link building, ranking high on Google, how Google behaves, Panda affect etc.[ penpal ]

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Job Description: Administration Support or assistance could come in various forms like being virtual assistant or managing a certain kind of project.[ penfriend ]

Skills You Need: For admin support jobs you need to keep track of various things through calendar like appointments, meetings etc. Must have some kind of previous experience before you start this work.[ snail mail ]

Monthly Income : 2.000$ - 4.000$

  1. 8. 3D Modelling and CAD



Job Description: 3D modelling and CAD is an advanced subject however the demand is great if you want to work as a 3D Modelling and CAD designer. [ meet world ]

Skills You Need: Here you need a formal degree. Although in a freelancing job no one asks for a degree but for being able to do the job you need to have basic education as well as experience.

Monthly Income : 3.000$ - 6.000$


  1. 9. Game Development



Job Description: Game development is also quite similar to app development. However, here you will code about games that are played online or offline.[ penfriend ]

Skills You Need: You need to have good understanding and knowledge of various gaming SDKs. You might have some prior experience before you become a game developer.

Monthly Income : 3.000$ - 15.000$


  1. 10. Translation



Job Description: Translation jobs are also in great demand if you are a freelancer. You need to translate something from one language to another. There is legal translation and medical translation also.

Skills You Need: You need to have knowledge of various world languages especially French, German, English etc. Future of translation is really great.[ penfriend ]

Monthly Income : 2.000$ - 5.000$


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Freelance Jobs Opportunities to Earn Money from Home or coffee shop for #penpal #letspal lovers #language exchange #penfriend #snail mail

Freelancing is one of the best career for people who want to work from home or from coffee shop. There are hundreds of freelance jobs opportunities available on internet. [ snail mail ]

Millions of companies all over the world are looking for people who can complete their different types of jobs & projects & if you posses some skills then you can work for such companies & make good income.

  1. 1.Web Development and Designing   


web development-penpal

  1. Job Description: You all know about web development and designing. You have to design and code the website and give it to your client.

Skills You Need: You need to know designing and coding. You must be well versed with various SDKs like .NET, Java, Dreamweaver etc. Knowledge about WordPress could come in handy. [ language exchange ]

Monthly Income : 2.000$ - 5.000$

  1. 2.Freelance Writing and Copywriting

Job Description: You have to write for various clients. Freelance writing could be anything from ghost writing to article writing for a blog or website.

Skills You Need: You need to have writing skills and must be able to finish articles or essays in short period of time. [ penpal ]

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  1. 3.Creative Design


Job Description: Creative design could include a vast area of design related work. For example take PowerPoint presentation or desktop designing with Adobe Photoshop.[ penfriend ]

Skills You Need: Creative designing is not easy. You need to know everything about PowerPoint or Adobe Photoshop. Experience is must.

Monthly Income : 5.000$ - 15.000$

  1. 4.Sales and Marketing


Job Description: Here you got to generate leads for your clients. You have to market a product especially on the internet. Marketing could be anything email marketing, social media marketing etc.

Skills You Need: You need to have some experience in marketing mainly affiliate marketing. Sales and Marketing would be done on the Internet rather mainstream media.

Monthly Income : 1.000$ - 3.000$

  1. 5.Graphic Designing



Job Description: Graphic designing is all together a different field. You got to create graphics for printed and electronic media. Graphic designers are huge in demand as a freelancer.

Skills You Need: Graphic designing is not a casual thing. You must have done a professional course with some experience before you start as a freelance graphic designer.

Monthly Income : 3.000$ - 7.000$


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Introduction To Your Penpal

Papua New Guinea is an independent state located in Australia. It covers the eastern part of the New Guinea island and part of the surrounding islands. The western part of New Guinea is bound to Indonesia. Papua New Guinea is an independent island that covers the eastern half of New Guinea Island, the Bismarck Islands and many adjacent island groups, between 0 ° -10 ° south latitudes and 130 ° -150 ° east longitudes, in the South Pacific, north of the Australian continent and south of the equator is the country. West to Indonesia, south to Australia


new guinea-penpal


Information about who was the first people to live in the area is not certain. It is accepted that your life in these islands began 10,000 years ago. According to archaeologists' work and obtained historical records, the first known people of the region are the Malenizians from the north and the island nations who use the native language of Papua. Later migrations were made from Asia and Indonesia. Europeans first arrived in the region in the 15th century. In 1526, Portuguese Jorge de Meneses was the first European to come to New Guinea. Meneses gave the name "Ilhas dos Popuas" to the north coast of the island, which means "curly hair" in the Malay language. In 1545 he saw that the people of the region were very similar to the people of Africa's Guinea Coast, changing the name of the island to New Guinea. After that, the region came to the order of the Spaniards, the Scottish, the English and the French. In 1884 the British occupied the southern half of the island and the Germans occupied the northern shores. Later on, these regions had to be left to Australia, under the influence of the First World Harbin. In 1920, the League of Nations took the candidate under the mandate. During the Second World War, the northern coast was invaded by Japan. After the defeat of the Japanese, the region was reinstated in Australia in 1949 by the League of Nations. Later in 1973 he obtained his right to self-governance. Papua New Guinea became independent in 1975. Michael T.Somare was in office until 1988 as the first president of the country. Having won the 1988 elections, Rabbie Namalin continued to serve as prime minister until 1992. Paias Wingti, who won the 1992 elections, formed the new government.


Papua New Guinea, eastern part of New Guinea Island, Bismarck Archipelago and many other low coral islands. The surface area is approximately 462,840 km2. A large part of the country is covered by a mountain range extending to the Irian Jaya. The region is a volcanic mountain range along the Vitiaz Strait to the Bismarck Archipelago. Lamington Mountain, which remained in the southern part of these, had a very violent eruption and explosion in 1951. The highest area is the Mount Wilhelm at 4509 m. The main rivers of the country; Fly, Kikori, Purari, Sepik, Ramu and Murkham. The main non-volcanic islands bringing Papua New Guinea to the festival are: D'Entrecasteaux Group, Louisrade Archipelago, Trobriand Islands and Woodlark. New Ireland Penpal, New England Penpal, Manu and Bougahville are volcanic islands. Other small islands have generally come from coral reefs (rocky, rash) and coral islands (atoll). Papua New Guinea is located about 10 ° below the equator. Therefore, it is in two close proximity to each other and the two seasons are generally affected by a warm and humid climate. In May-December, strong southeastern winds bring rain and a relatively cool environment to the region. In January-April, northwest winds bring extreme temperatures and heavy rainfall. The average monthly temperature is 25 ° C in June and 28 ° C in December-January. The precipitation is in the coastal and mountainous regions with an annual average of around 2540 mm. Population and Social Life.


Approximately the population of the country is 5,887,000. The population density is around 77. 13.5% of these live in cities. The annual population increase is 2.7%. There are three main groups in the country as indigenous peoples; Papuan in southern and inland regions, Malenezian in north and east, and Pigmeler in western regions. Apart from these, there are also Australians, Polynesians and some Chinese. The majority of the inhabitants are black skin. Pigments with a round head, which vary in color from yellow to black, are known to be very tall. The official language of the country is English. There is also a language called "Pidgin English," which is a distorted and altered form of English. Moreover, the number of native tongues and dialects in the country exceeds 700. 200 of them belong to Malenese language group of Malayo-Polynesian descent. The standard British Pidgin "Pidgin" is spoken more often on the commercial site. The majority of the people did not get rid of their native beliefs. Catholicism and Protestantism are also common. 90% of Papua New Guinea people live on the main island. Sit in the coastal regions and in the Port Moresby, the capital city. Other important cities; Lae, Samarai, Goroka and Modang. The cities on the other islands are on Rabaul New England and Arawa Bougainville Island. The literacy rate in the UK is 32%. 30% of young people go to school. There are two universities; Papua New Guinea University opened in Port Moresloy in 1965 and Lae Technology University in 1967.

The country's economy is based on farming in general. In addition, livestock and fisheries are also important. More pigs and poultry are grown. Main agricultural products grown in the country; Oats, kulkas, bananas, coconut, sweet potatoes, coffee and chocolates. There was also fruit and vegetable growing