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by on December 14, 2017
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Firstly our teacher told us when we were children, PENPAL.  The aim was to developed our  foreign language which we learned. But no one could not finish that starting a job with enthusiasm. Because our word reservouir only enough to say "I love you". It has been many years since... Still i want to find a penpal. But this time aim is a bit different. Neither developing my english nor something else. Only i want to grow away from Social Life, I want to know someone makes time for me.

But i don't want to correspond only... Already corresponds everyday with everyone. Twitter,facebook,tumblr,fromspring etc... These are unending. In twitter I wrote to someone " I want to be your penpal". And he reply only "I can be your mail friend". Now, we can say this letter is different. In computer you can communicate with one click with world. It is so easy...  Once, delivery time is changing according to distance. In internet you cannot feel, but when you touch the letter you can feel its smell. Someone makes time for you from his/her life for telling, explaning to you. He/She works hard with it. He/She creates new world from the words. Is it only good for me ? Or it is really good ? Become old to giving letter at the post office. 

I don't know you are aware, in the past people more value each other. Everyone looks the postman would come with happy or sadness.

I want to work hard for a someone.

I want concrete, that full empty things in my life.


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Welcome to letspal life and you also take it easy , well done , congrats 👍 we will increase the our team on successful way
I agree with Jpals
I also offered you but you didn’t accepted NZ
Jpals hopefully I will decide soon. I am sorry for my delay.
Baris Bayrakci
I guess the real chat is our general problem
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