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Last Online: August 13, 2017
Lives in  Nuuk / Greenland · 50 years old · Female
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I am an active woman with a passion for Crossfit and running and train as often as I can. I also like to sing and have sung in a versatile choir for many years - and love the classic world. Within a long time I will be on my life's dream trip and go my first pilgrimage. I do not drink or smoke and live a healthy life as far as possible. I am independent and looking for challenges to learn something all the time about myself and other people. Therefore, the world of books is also a part of my life. But I miss a contact to the world and get insight into other cultures - and also because I would like to be better at writing and speaking in English. I'm good at listening and enjoying deep conversations. But I'm also love having fun. I can add more, but you can figure it out by starting to write with me. I look forward to hear from you
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